Violin is one of the most well-known stringed instruments. Children often are attracted to how sophisticated it looks to play violins.


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A child learning the violin reaps many benefits from it. Physically, your child gains strength and flexibility in the upper body. Due to developing the skills and muscle memory needed for playing, their arms and fingers get stronger as they learn exciting and new techniques.

Your child's posture generally improves, due to strengthening his back, shoulders, and upper arms. His back will get stronger, because of the need to sit up straight while playing. His shoulders and upper arms bear the extra weight of the instrument and its bow, as well as the weight of his own arms!

Her little fingers will gain strength, as well, on both hands. The left hand's fingers will gain nimbleness, also, because quick movements as it presses down the strings of the violin. Finally, her right hand will learn to control the bow and coordinate its movements with the left hand.

So, there is some physical strain related to your child learning to play the violin. Especially at first, she will experience tired arms, shoulders, and back. Your child's teacher should be able to show the child some stretches they can perform every so often to loosen tense and sore muscles that result from playing violin.

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