Angela Yu - Eurhythmic/Piano
Executive Director

Piano is an instrument which needs lots of persistence ad dedication in learning. I would like to show students the music structure and how to use their time efficiently in practice. Foundations are very important. You will need to learn sight reading fast, analyze the rhythm, make your fingers stronger through weekly lessons. Sing and feel the melody and rhythm with your body; hands, feet and emotionally. When music comes in you, it flows out and it is the most beautiful thing to see, to hear. It is the ability and the experience that I would guide and create with my students.
To enjoy the music, and achieve the highest is what I teach.

Erika Snow - Piano/Keyboard

Erika has a Master’s Degree in Music with 16 years of teaching and tutoring experience. She hails from Budapest, Hungary and is trained abroad in Europe. She has vast experience with children, especially with the Kodaly Teaching Method, and working with special needs children. She teaches group piano classes and private lessons also. Is also familiar with California CM music test preparation and Trinity College London test preparation. Erika has a strong passion for music and desires to share her knowledge and inspiration to students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Joseph Renolayan - Keyboard/Guitar/Flute/saxophone

Joe started developing his musical talent through piano lessons at the age of 7. After only a year of formal study, he began to experiment with other instruments such as the bamboo flute, the guitar and the drums. When he moved to the United States at the age of 13, he was introduced to the school’s band where he chose to hone his skills with the flute.

Since then, Joe has been exposed to classical and symphonic repertoire. During high school, he joined the marching band and at the same time, found interest in jazz and alto saxophone. He taught middle school children how to play their instruments while sharing his learning experience with them as a self-taught saxophone and flute player. He decided to pursue a career in music by majoring in Jazz Studies and Performance at the University of California in Irvine. He is currently performing at local jazz clubs, formal events and concerts. He would like to continue to inspire his students while nurturing his passion.

Irene Gao - Piano Instructor

Irene has been studying piano for 20 years under prestigious pianists. Her education includes a B.A degree in Education and Business in University of California, Irvine and currently working on a piano teaching certificate. She is National Guild piano teacher and able to enroll students for Certificate of Guild. She has primarily taught and focused on classical piano, and started teaching music at age of 20. Irene had taught students with all age ranges. Her passion for music encourages her young students to explore their creativity and have fun!


Richard has been introduced to music at a young age and has been exposed to many instruments throughout his life. He studied piano and saxophone during elementary years, but it was during his junior high years where he first encountered the guitar. It wasn't until he got into Fullerton College, where he was exposed to Jazz music. Later, he transferred to California State University at Fullerton to continue his education in music.

Richard spent about two years learning the classical guitars focusing on the foundations and fundamentals. Before he encountered Jazz, he experimented with many different styles like; country, rock, pop, "fingerstyle", and bluegrass. In college, he spent two years studying sound engineering before moving in to Jazz studies. The four years in this field helped his development of his playing, composing, and understanding theory behind Jazz.


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