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Eutonic School of Music offers piano lessons for kids or adults of all ages in Orange County. Students may be beginners, intermediate, or advanced. Have fun, learn how to play piano, whether it's classical, jazz, pop, or “Crocodile Rock!” There are some commonly asked piano lesson questions answered below.

What age should my child start piano?

Piano lessons for kids can start as early as age 3. Piano is the best instrument for any student to start, because piano is the basic foundation of music, it trains your motor skills, coordination, and it gives the correct sounds that children need for their ear development. If you are skilled at the piano, it is a lot easier to learn other instruments. Eutonic School of Music highly recommends that students begin musical studies in piano. We offer four levels of keyboard group classes to prepare students reading the notes, counting the rhythm, developing fine motor skills and ear, gaining music knowledge to express one individual.

When is the time to buy a piano?

Some experts suggest "Have the piano in your house for months – even years – before your child begins lessons. This is about developing a sense of the everyday about the instrument (the piano is a part of normal life) as well as allowing the child to explore the instrument quite thoroughly prior to lessons beginning." If it is NOT possible, the rental instrument may be a good solution. However, the digital piano is not highly recommended since the touch and control are not the same as an acoustic piano.

How to make practice a routine and a " Fun " time?

Piano practice could be disadvantage when the children start to introduce to orchestra or band in school. At the same time, music has to compete with sports and all other schedules. In Eutonic Music, we give our students assignment book to establish their practice routing with parents when they start their first lesson. Learning to plan around the time is very important. Play fun songs or songs of student's choice in summer, holidays and their birthdays. Sibling or neighbors are usually formed to play a piano ensemble. 3 recitals a year give students plenty of chances to shine. Once their talent has been validated, it is the best motivation to achieve this long term goal.


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